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Game Programmers and the C++ collapse

Everyone with little experience will tell you: if you want to program your own game engine, C++ will allow you to get the performances you need. Indeed, C is missing high-level quality-of-life features, and there are no other practical choices.

Well, that state of mind is changing among game developers.

Let's focus on why C++ is slowly digging his own grave.

C++ enum to string: the Macros Way

Ever now and then, I find myself looking for a way to log an enum. Fun fact is, even if it is easy to actually log it, it is hard to maintain. Having to keep a switch instruction in sync with code content, or generating a new file during a pre-build step, is not exciting. We can do better, right?

Design Patterns: pimpl in C++

lava uses multiple design patterns, but any usage of those are driven by two core principles:

  • do not show more than needed ;
  • keep performances in mind.